Youth for Human Rights in Denmark

Denmark is a country known throughout the world for its commitment to human rights and religious tolerance. Youth for Human Rights Denmark was established in 2006 to ensure that human rights education is provided to the children of Denmark and to their families, teachers, coaches and mentors.

Danish Youth for Human Rights volunteers have consistently promoted human rights education in their country through art, music, dance, and theater, and by reaching out to communities across the country with human rights short videos, booklets, the UNITED music video and other Youth for Human Rights education materials. Just a few examples of their work follow here.

A human rights education petition drive on United Nations International Peace Day 2010 collected signatures from people who agree that all children should be taught their human rights and responsibilities in school.

Youth for Human Rights Denmark volunteer collects signatures at
United Nations Peace Day petition drive

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Danish chapter of Youth for Human Rights International teamed up with groups such as the Network Against Racism and Artists for Peace, for an event in 2008 marking the culmination of a nationwide contest for youth called the "Human Rights Through Art Project." The project was established to increase awareness of human rights and tolerance by inspiring young artists.

Youth in Denmark show their art projects at school art competition

commemorating 60th Anniversary of the

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The event, held at the Art Hall of Copenhagen, showcased finalists including three fine arts projects, two musical/singing performances and a dance creation.

Danish dance team performs their creation,

"Joy, Peace and Love'"

In Copenhagen, the Youth Day Celebrations entertained young and old alike in the city square where everyone could participate and share what human rights means to them.

Youth Day Celebration in Denmark

The annual YHRI Human Rights Summit is strongly supported by the Danish youth. Working together they send Danish Youth Delegates to represent their volunteer team in Denmark. In 2009 and 2010 the summit was held in Geneva.

Denmark Youth Delegate (front row, third from right)

with other country youth delegates at the United Nations in Geneva

for the YHRI Human Rights Summit

Following the summit, the Danish Youth Delegate rallied the community to participate in the International Human Rights Walk in honor of the United Nations Human Rights Day on December 10th.

Youth for Human Rights Denmark's

International Walk for Human Rights 2010

Denmark's Ministry of Culture has expanded the Youth for Human Rights program exponentially by providing funding for hundreds of Youth for Human Rights Educator's Guides. Following this generous donation, educators included Human Rights Education in their curricula and mentors of youth groups used the materials to teach students in after school classes.

Through the work of dedicated Danish supporters, millions have learned about their human rights through the media and human rights education is being taught in groups across the country.

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