Fear and panic in IRAN

Today is March 16 and only 4 days to end of the year remains. Tonight is Saturday night last four years. In this night that "Wednesday night Formal" is called, people held celebrations make fire

This tradition of 1700 years BC, in Iran has been executed. For all even traditional U.S. House of Representatives has been respected. And even recently in support of the resolution have also issued

But this year the Islamic government leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, state television announced that the event of the Islamic Sharia, is cause corruption. And the Iranian people who are pro-green movement to confront the leadership of this Islamic state will come to streets to voice their protest leader reaches your ear

This year in addition to fire and crackle of the incendiary bombs used, to pay to fight dictatorship. And the leader of the Islamic government tell him he do not want and are opposed.

We wait until tonight to see what the outcome of this crisis will be.

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